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Step into YOU. Who is the true YOU? This is for you if you're ready to let go of anything that is keeping you from fully embracing your personal power, authenticity & a clear vision of who you're meant to be.


Are you ready to expand yourself and become the magical container

able to receive & hold all that you've ever dreamed of?

Are you ready to embody the powerful being that you are and face every challenge with grace, set clear boundaries & express your most fullest expression?

The remembrance .png

Let me be straight up raw with you:


NO ONE has a right to tell you what your dream life should look like.

Only YOU knows how it should be.


There is only YOUR truth that is important when it comes to creating your life.


What if I told you that your power to create that life lies in your deepest truth?


The most authentic, raw expression of yourself.

You know, the one that you know is there but you've almost forgotten...this part you that you've been holding back because of different fears:

- Fear of being judged,

- Fear of being rejected,

- Fear of losing something/someone,

- Fear of failure,

- Fear of the unknown...

I've been there for many years. I get you.


What if I told you that you don't need to fear anything?

That you have been guided and protected your whole life?

And that it's now time to take that power in your hands and claim it for good.


It's time to remember and step in the next level YOU.


And what's beautiful is that: what you desire to be/have/do the most...

is only a small energetic tweak away.

All that's needed from you now is to choose.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
But I understand, we were never taught how to tap into
that power & make use of it in ways that allow you
to emanate & receive love, abundance & freedom!
Desert Dunes

This is why I want to invite you to choose YOU.

To dive on this powerful journey with me & other compassionate,

loving souls. I took 15 years to heal & gather potent tools to help you: 

- Navigate your emotions & triggers gracefully,

- Become the best version of yourself that you desire,

- Embody your fullest, true expression unapologetically & without fear,

- Let go of what doesn't serve your best & make room for what truly lights you up,

- How to express clear boundaries & have them respected with compassion,

- Learn how to stop caring about what others think of you,

- Identify & heal your limiting beliefs.

By enrolling in this transformative program, you'll access:

- 5 recorded live calls,

- Lifetime access to the replays,

- Transformative mindset shifting transmissions,

- Access to a private Facebook group to connect

with other participants, ask your questions

& celebrate your wins together!

Plan of the program

CALL #1: Jan.17 4pm PST (Full moon in Cancer)

Welcome, introduction, intention setting & grounding exercise.

CALL #2: Jan.24 4pm PST

Limitless: All about limiting beliefs. What are they, how to identify them, how to reframe them.

CALL #3: Jan.31 4pm PST

Sovereign: All about boundaries. Why they're important, how to be empowered & express them.


CALL #4: Feb.7 4pm PST

Embodied: Claim your power & truth. What does it mean to be fully expressed? How to do it?

BONUS CALL #5: Feb.14 4pm PST (Valentine's day!)

Q&A + celebration. Ask me anything about what we covered & welcome your new YOU!


VALUE: $555




Included with enrollment:

- Guided meditations & visualizations (Value of $111)

- Enlightening journal prompts for self-discovery & healing,

- Exercises to help you integrate the teachings & reprogram your subconscious,

- Self-discovery workbook (Value of $11)



Until January 1th, ONLY $333!

Who is Elisa Mystica?

Find out more about me:


- About page -

- Instagram account -

Frequently asked questions:

- Is this course only for women?

Yes. My work is primarily aimed at empowering female identifying humans & creating containers where they can feel safe to be fully seen & navigate different emotions that could not be as easily navigated at in the presence of males.

- Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the results?

The only way to get a refund is if after the intro call you don't feel fully convinced that this is a journey for you.

To ensure integrity of the energy exchange & the commitment of all parties, refunds are not possible after that.

Please note that in any case, I cannot guarantee results since this is inner work. I can only equip you with tools & guide you to the best of my knowledge. The results are up to the work you do with what i offer.

- Is it okay for me to do this course if I'm also doing therapy?

I recommend speaking with your therapist before signing up.  If you still consider going forward, please contact me directly to discuss if you:


- are dealing with serious mental health issues,

- are still healing from a severe trauma,

- are not sure you can deal with big emotions/triggers on your own.


 This is a group healing journey and no direct one on one access to me will be available outside the container.

- More questions? DM me on Instagram or email

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