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About Elisa Mystica

My work is an intuitive exploration of feminine archetypes and a mystical expression of the human experience through hyperrealistic & visionary fine art mostly made with acrylic on canvas.This all comes together like an embrace between cosmic themes, pastel rainbows and fun compositions.In the receiving of this artwork, I pray that whoever comes in contact with it may feel softly held, playfully empowered, and hopeful of the coming of a beautiful world.

The artist

Since early childhood I've been called to visual arts. They've always been part of my life.


I was blessed to be raised with the freedom to practice my creative gifts as much as I wanted. And I was presented with a nice balance between left and right brain activations.  

My Mother is an incredible artist who studied and worked in the fashion design industry during the 70's and 80's. Her father, was a prolific oil painter. Unfortunately he passed away before I was born.


My father is the complete opposite hahaha. Never ask him to draw even a stick figure... But when it comes to business and leadership, he's your man! He hold the frequency of structure, logic and doing the work in order to get what we want.

Art for me is a magical way to connect with my inner child and not take myself seriously. We tend to do that so much when creating and I want us to unlearn this habit when making art. It's supposed to be fun and not have any rules!

I also deeply love visual arts because they allow me to communicate visions, ideas, feeling, or experiences that no words can illustrate accurately. 

The Mystic

In early 2020, while watching, I discovered Hermeticism and Gnosticism and so much of my life started making sense...


I remembered how, when I was a child I was fascinated with magic, making potions out of plants (herbal tea), rituals for manifestation (i would write down things i wanted and them bury the paper in the forest)... I LOVED everything about Ancient Egypt and I even asked for a tarot deck for my 8th or 9th birthday...Like WHAT??! I completely had forgotten about these things I did as a child but now reflecting back, I realized that I've always been called to the occult...

So I started studying everything I could find: Priestess path, astrology, tarot, channeling, lucid dreaming, Quantum science, ancient symbols, dreams, mystery schools, initiation, alchemy, secret societies, magic, and more recently the law of attraction. 

I've worked with the Goddess Isis, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary as guides for a while and I learned about almost all the ascended masters I could find...

Things evolved until now, where my focus is more on the pragmatic and physical realm. Navigating my spiritual journey by being fully present in my humanness. Right now I'm loving learning about biohacking, EFT, subconscious reprogramming, conscious sex, embodiment practices, etc.  

Maybe it's all the Scorpio and Sagittarius in my chart... What do you think? Haha

The visionary

As far as i can remember I've always known something wasn't "right" with me.

I  was NOT meant to fit in the mold and follow the "normal" way of modern society. 

 I tried SOOO hard to fit in the mold of the system: I studied for as long as I could, went to university, falling under the pressure to know exactly what to do with my life before even turning 20 and find a career that would guarantee financial security.

I subscribed to the "waiting for the week-end and my two weeks/year vacation" to enjoy life. 

But even then, I was seen as the weirdo, the hippie, the black sheep. I wasn't even trying. I guess there was just something with my energy. I've always been very curious and open about all things occult, magic, alternative lifestyles...

Some of the most obvious signs were that I loved shopping in thrift stores; I became a vegetarian overnight in 2014; I practiced a Zero waste & Minimalist lifestyle for over a year (while working as a manager in a retail store - such a contradiction!) And behind the scenes I was saving money for a future backpack travel that I'd been dreaming about since high school. 

And I did it. In April 2018 I invited all my friends to go out and say goodbye, I just left everything behind and flew across the country to work on farms and experience life in a commune. That's when I had my spiritual awakening and everything just followed. I remembered my divine essence.

This experience of living in community was transformative: There was no way to hide myself behind my patterns and sabotaging habits. I got called out on my shit and it hit me like a punch in the face. Those were the hardest months of my life: My whole perception of reality shattered and I had to really look at myself. My TRUE self.


FINALLY. That's what I needed to understand: What others think of me is not my responsibility and I absolutely don't need anyone's permission to shine my full light.

So my vision and dream is a world where no one is hiding behind a mask of conformity and quietude about their gifts & unique expression because of a silly fear or being too much of triggering others.

We all just want to love and be loved. But the ways our world has taught us how we should feel and express that love are extremely unhealthy, and most of the time completely false.

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