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Yoni Portals February journey
Yoni Portals February journey

Yoni Portals February journey

Ignite your creativity and deepen your connection to your intuition & sacral/womb energy in an intimate sisterhood journey through the moon phases. ~ Four sessions - once per week over a lunar cycle. ~ No painting experience necessary. ~ All supplies included. ~ Limited spots.

Time & Location

Feb.9 - March 1st '24

Private property on Salt Spring Island, BC

About the event

This workshop is for women who desire to ignite their creativity and deepen their connection to their intution & their sacral/womb energy. Over four weeks, we will anchor an intention on the canvas and dive into the teachings of our cyclical nature as humans and females. The moon will be our guide, with her four main phases as checkpoints in the creation process, starting with the New Moon. And the Yoni will be our tool as a symbol of creativity, power, fertility, and infinite potential. Different modalities will be used to support the experience like meditation, visualisation, herbal medicine, movement, etc.

With my participation and facilitation in dozens of women circles, five years of deep women's work study, and a lifetime of painting as a soul calling, I am honoured to invite you and guide you through this creative and healing journey that is the Yoni Portals workshop.

At the end of the four sessions happening once a week, you will bring home a beautiful Yoni portal painting, symbolizing a physical manifestation of what is being birthed through you for the months to come; as well as a renewed inner power around your body and soul.


1. New Moon - Friday February 9th, 2024 4-7pm

2. First Quarter - Friday February 16th 4-7pm

3. Full Moon - Friday February 23rd 4-7pm

4. Last Quarter - Friday March 1st 4-7pm


1.  Do I need to have some painting experience in order to participate?

No. Every level of painting experience is welcome! A walkthrough the foundations of acrylic painting will be offered during the first session, and different techniques, feedback and suggestions will be provided throughout the journey (upon consent and/or request).

2. What does "yoni" even mean?

"Yoni is a Sanskrit word for female genitals—the vulva, vagina, and uterus or womb. It can also mean a place of birth, as in the source or origin; a place of rest, as in a vessel or home; and a family or social station fixed by birth. It is most well known, however, as the female sex organ [...] The worship of the yoni is the worship of the goddess, as well as the worship of women as living expressions of the goddess. " Tap here to read more.

3. Am I going to have to show or paint my yoni?

No. The Yoni shape/concept is used as a symbol in this workshop. The choice is yours. You can bring a photo of your yoni; use one of the many reference pictures provided; or dive in with complete intuition. The main idea of this workshop is the creation of a portal of intention through the joy of painting. Please note that your painting will be seen by the other participants.

If you have any more questions, please send me an email, or DM me on Instagram @elisamystica.


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