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Custom Watercolor
Soul portrait 
Plant Shadow

Here is a walk-through the process and your role into this co-creation with me.

Please read entirely before ordering to ensure we're a good co-creation fit!


There are two sizes available, and I can paint up to two subjects in one painting: Couples, mother-baby, sisters best friends, etc.

1. Choose your photo:

• For single person portrait: Choose 1 to 3 pictures of yourself (or the person you’re gifting the portrait to). Make sure the image(s) show your face clearly, and that it depicts your/the subject’s most empowered, divine and God/Goddess like energy! *See pictures for examples.

• For 2 subjects portrait: Choose a picture that shows both faces clearly. If you have more than 1 it’s great, or ever one main picture of you two, and separate ones with clear face traits.

If you’re not fully sure, you can message me with a few pictures you have in mind and I’ll help you choose according to what will give the best results from me.

2. Make your order:

• Choose a paper size and select the number of humans in the picture.

• In the personalization box, tell me a little bit about your vision: is there a theme you’d like me to explore (nature, an element —water, air, earth, fire—, celestial vibes, specific colour palette…); a specific element you want included (favourite flower, your zodiac, a symbol, etc). Be short and sweet, we’ll communicate via message later for more details.

3. I will e-mail you in the next 24h to confirm the order, receive your pictures, and discuss any further details needed.

4. I will create a sketch within 5 business days and send it to you for revision. Here you’ll get the chance to tell me any modifications you wish, ideally under 48h.

5. From there, I’ll make the changes discussed and start on the actual painting which can take from 5 to 10 business days.

6. Shipping: Your portrait can take somewhere between 5 to 14 days to arrive at your home. For shipping, the painting will be placed in a cellophane bag with cardboard backing for protection from water and bending, then mailed in a rigid mailer or bubble mailer via Canada post. Tracking included.

I’ll also send you a high quality digital version of the painting.

7. You receive your beautiful portrait and frame it, or do what you wish with it; or gift it to the lucky soul you’re offering it to!

8. Your refer me to your friends and share on your social media platform by tagging me ;)


*Please note that I reserve the right to use the final artwork as a print in my shop if I see fit.

If you still have questions before ordering, I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Please message me!

I am beyond excited to co-create with you!

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